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Aarrarghghargh I listened to the leaked VNV tracks and "Lightwave" sounds exactly like an Astral Projection song. I just scanned through three different AP albums trying to find it, with no luck. I have however determined that all Astral Projection sounds exactly the goddamned same. I am still sure I'm thinking of a specific track, though, so goddamn it, someone point it out for me because it's driving me nuts and I'm not digging out anymore AP CDs to try and find it. (Don't front like you haven't heard it yet you fucking pirates this is the internet I know what you're up to)

And congratulations to RealRonan on "Interceptor", the least fruity and most listenable track in VNV's history! GOOD FOR YOU, BUDDY!

And thus concludes the single compulsary SimRonan post for the VNV Nation release year. See you next time.

edit: comments disabled because this already-played-out joke doesn't need any help being ruined
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Dear smack-talking bitches getting all upset about Noonerschaft,

The following are the only connections between SimRonan and Noonerschaft:

a) Samples of SimRonan on IPM Radio
b) Referencing of the "supergroup" Ronan happens to be part of
c) My (Bogart's) participation

A cover of an NWA song does not constitute a VNV Nation parody. As far as I am aware, Ronan Harris is not now, nor has he ever been, a member of Niggas With Attitude. SimRonan references are included in the same context darquerchylde references are included; referencing other stupid shit we've done.

I am keenly aware of how played out SimRonan and SWOOOOORDS and NOT AFRAID OF WHATEVER are. This is not news to me. However, this has nothing to do with Noonerschaft.

So stop fucking whining about unrelated shit.

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